Sunday, February 17, 2013

55 Panhead is ready to ride!

The 55 Panhead that I bought about a month ago has turned out to be a good bike.  My dad and I started work shortly after the pictures were taken in the previous post.  After well over 100 man hours we got it how we wanted it.  It was a lot of work and it seemed like the previous owner replaced every nut and bolt on the bike with grade bolts and nylon locking nuts.  This was definitely a bike that has always been together but it has been ridden over the years and anything that broke was replaced with something to keep in on the road.  No attention was given to replacing worn or broken parts with the correct original part.  We corrected so much stuff that I don't even think I could list it all. Fortunately the bike was mechanically sound and nothing had to be done to the motor or transmission but basically
everything else was taken apart and put back together properly. It has been on the road now for a few weeks and has been doing great.  

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