Friday, January 17, 2014

1932-36 servicar frame

Nice early servicar frame and rear end. This works with the 32-36 45" models.
$2200 obo

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1946 knucklehead right side case

Super nice 46 right side engine case. Only damage I saw was a small groove in the breather bore. $900

Monday, March 11, 2013

1965 FLH motor for sale

65FLH cases with factory VIN and matching belly numbers, .020 over cylinders, 65 only can cover, correct lifter blocks, 66-69 distributor, outside oiler heads. Everything here is in good useable condition. No title, will provide bill of sale. $3600

Chrome inline springer for sale

Nice chrome inline springer with chrome brake backing plate, drum, and shackle. 1"neck stem. $1800. Email for more pictures

Monday, February 25, 2013

New 41 Knucklehead bobber

This bike project got started last November by accident.  My buddy Injun Wayne and I went picking in the Pennsylvania/Delaware/Maryland/Virginia area and bought a good bit of stuff.  The coolest thing that I bought was a set of matching old paint 40-46 Knucklehead sheet metal. The last thing I was looking to buy on that trip was another motorcycle project, but I knew that I had to build a bike around the sheet metal as soon as I bought it.  It just so happened that I picked up a 41E knucklehead motor, a brazed inline springer, a 9 bolt horn, and a few other parts that were correct for a 41 knucklehead.  I already had a 41 frame and a rebuilt 4 speed transmission laying around along with about 99% of the other parts I needed to build this bike.  I loosely pieced the bike together as soon as I got home and it sat there for over 2 months before I touched it.  After me and my dad finished up the 55 panhead I started by lacing up my wheels and mounting my tires I think that was on 1/30/13.  After that I just started working on the bike most every day, some days more than others.  I had the bike rolling quickly just so I could get an idea of what it was going to look like finished. I originally was going to build the bike with the tail section on the rear fender with saddlebags and a buddy seat. After I put the sheet metal on the bike to have a look I realized that I liked it a lot better without the tail section.  It just really looked better in my eyes especially considering that the front fender was already bobbed a long time ago. So I knocked the hinge pin out and removed the tail section.  Progress slowed a good bit after that, and I started working on all the small stuff that takes for ever.  I took my motor to get the bottom end assembled, hoping that it would be done soon so I could get the bike running.  Last saturday I got the bottom end back, and I basically had the rest of the bike finished waiting on the motor to go into the frame.  I didn't waste anytime after that and worked late, well into Sunday morning. At 3am I called it quits and went back sunday after lunch to finish up.  I had the bike running about 9pm.  Its funny how all the work pays off as soon as you hear the bike run for the first time. I always wonder how long some of these parts/bikes have been sitting, It is always exciting for me to see it come back to life.

Me with the bike loosely assembled back in November

Wheels done
 Springer rebuilt with front brake and wheel ready to bolt onto the frame
 Horn, Ride control, headlight bracket
The first look 
 A better first look!

 Basically Just waiting on the motor at this point
 The finished product.......

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1941 side car for sale

My friend Lee at departure bike works in Richmond, VA has a 1941 harley side car for sale. Call Lee for more details (804) 231-0244